CHF 550.00 / € 500.00

Collector’s Edition:
Iouri Podladtchikov, True Love Is Hard To Find

The Collector’s edition includes one original Polaroïd published in the book, signed by the photographer.
It is hand bound in black cloth.
Each book has a handwritten title in another colour, total 55 colours.

True Love Is Hard To Find
Iouri Podladtchikov
Collector’s Edition


Polaroïds form the early 21st century

The stunning debut of this outstanding talented photographer becoming artist. A selection of fifty-five polaroid photographs seduce us into Iouri’s world: still life, studio, art, girls, women, friends, erotos, party, family, snowboard. An extremely well crafted and precious book in a limited edition of two thousand numbered books – a must for photobook lovers as well as for artist’s book lovers, une petite merveille.