Non-Referential Architecture
Valerio Olgiati/Markus Breitschmid

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Out of print.

First Edition May 2018
Hardcover bound
14 x 21 cm
128 pages, 1 illustration
Book design:
Valerio Olgiati & Dino Simonett
with Bruno Margreth

ISBN: 978-3-906313-19-1

Non-Referential Architecture
Valerio Olgiati/Markus Breitschmid


Ideated by Valerio Olgiati
Written by Markus Breitschmid

Non-Referential Architecture is a manifesto on a new kind of architecture. Non-Referential Architecture presents a new framework for architecture in a world that is increasingly free of ideologies. We have left behind the values of multicultural postmodernity! Non-Referential Architecture offers unlimited possibilities for the liberated mind.

The book Non-Referential Architecture has been in the making for some time. The two authors know each other since 2005 and have had many conversations in Switzerland, the United States of America, and Portugal. The fruits of these conversations have been several previous publications that took on the form of books, essays, and interviews. The idea to make  the book in hand arose in 2013. The content of the book coalesced in multiple extended conclaves held in the Swiss Alps and in Alentejo. The book was ultimately written in Virginia.